Pulled Over in Memphis on Acid

I faced a long drive back to my Atlanta home after three weeks doing stand-up comedy — and partying heavily every night — in Colorado Springs and Albuquerque in 2005. To save money on the way back, I stayed with a friend in Oklahoma one night, but still had twelve hours of driving to go …

My Hong Kong Adventure—and a Love Story, Part Four

Part One Part Two Part Three Following a “nap” back at the hotel, we took the nearby Metro for the waterfront. First stop: the famous lounge at the Intercontinental, right on the harbor. We should’ve ducked into the even more famous Peninsula Hotel for a drink too because I love pretending to be rich. I …

My Hong Kong Adventure—and a Love Story, Part Two

Next, I wandered toward the harbor front, to the imaginatively-named Central and Western District Promenade. This vast patch of well-kept lawns and spanking new plazas offered sweeping views of Kowloon across the harbor, and the modern architecture of Central. Most notable was part of the Hong Kong Convention Center, which looks like a poor man’s Sydney Opera House — except the poor man is rich. In fact, HK currently enjoys a massive budget surplus, and it shows.

My Hong Kong Adventure — and a Love Story, Part One

This all started around 2009. Back then I hosted an internet video broadcast on a now-defunct Web site called BlogTV, which anyone could use to host a show. I averaged thirty or forty viewers at any given time over nightly shows that lasted up to four hours. I’d sit and bullshit about current events and share stories. I also played my favorite music from an iPod. I often just sat there rocking out in alcohol-fueled absurdity as my audience posted on a live chat board while watching me.